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New start in Kumbakonam. Geek Kumbakonam Chapter is a Community by the developers for the developers. Let transform tech enthusiast into expert. Inheriting the Ideology of the Geek Foundation with a touch of innovative and significantly varied approach towards helping out the society of developers.

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Geek Community was established in 2017 by Geek-Foundation. This community was developed by six geek guys with one equal sight to make our mission into vision. Due to the rapid growth of developing technology our community thoughts to build the intellective techie's in and around the globe. We whole heartedly believe that one can shine in technology when he is bonded to his circle with positive and developing minds. Geek community provides a technical platform where the geeks with innovative thoughts are welcomed by us.

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Connect with us and Explore the world of technology and develop you knowledge with our Geek Kumbakonam.

Geek Kumbakonam

Geek Kumbakonam Chapter is to intend the inspirational enthu in the hearts of developers. This chapter helps all the Local developers to enhance their skills in a tech area.

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